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School of Care

In the School of Care you are supported in making the shift from a Money First to a Care First attitude. (Self Care, Self Development, Transformation, Action).

It’s a ‘place’ to strengthen the experience of our true selves and life purpose and activate our heart intelligence – to get to know ourselves from our core, learn to live and work from the heart and develop the gifts we bring.

We work together to learn to sustain ourselves financially in this world and collaborate on creating the economy and financial world we wish for.

Meeting the Mystery of Money

Explore your relationship to money on a deeply experiential and cellular level, and transform old patterns and core beliefs while being assisted to move from fear to trust. The workshop portrays the archetypal story behind our relationship with money, and sets a new tone for using money in a different way: guided by love and care, instead of fear and greed. Shifting from feeling victimised by the world of money to feeling more empowered.

Personal Key

Discover the unique way you contribute to the world from your heart. A personal key is how our essence expresses itself. It is connected to the very core of your being, and articulates how you naturally operate in the world. By embracing this gift and expressing it, you make a difference in the world around you, in your unique way. It helps you be your most powerful, authentic self. 

Soul Reading and Healing

In a soul reading and healing session we collaborate with you on the questions you bring about yourself, your life and any issue you wish to address. This can involve work, relationship and life questions, emotional and health challenges and more. We attune ourselves to your soul’s path and ask your higher self to provide guidance/healing. It is a process of self-empowerment and self-healing.

Developing our sensitive perception

In the workshop we assist you with your sensitive/psychic experiences and how to understand them: with developing that perception so that you can apply it in your daily life; with overcoming the difficulties we experience by being so sensitive. 

Exciting practice with a lot of exercise.