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Dawn at frozen Loch Brora, Sutherland, Scotland

How Care First was born

“We started a healing centre at Moulin Cottage near Loch Brora. In the woodlands behind it I received the inspiration for Care First in 1997.
We were in a situation where we really needed money, when I heard inwardly “Go and clear the woodland’. I did this over a three day period, fully aware that I would not make any money this way. But as I was working the inspiration of Care First came to me. At the end of the last day a letter arrived with a cheque of someone we had helped, who had no money to pay us at the time, but was so grateful, that a sent a very generous amount to us. I was very happy that by caring to the Earth and trusting in spirit guiding me money came and Care First was revealed to the world for the first time.” Louis Bohtlingk

Dare To Care (English)

In 2009 I wrote my first book Dare To Care – a love based foundation for money and finance – in collaboration with Hazel Henderson, who wrote the Foreword.
Hazel Henderson’s work had been with the structure and mechanism’s operating our economies and financial worlds. She and Louis exchanged their expreriences and created Dare To Care as an inspirational and practical guidebook to learn to make the shift from Money First to Care First, from a fear based economy to a love- based economy.

Care First (Dutch)

In 2015 Paul de Blot from Nyenrode University in the Netherlands read the book in one day and invited me to write about Care First in Dutch. We published Care First – geld dienstbaar maken aan welzijn van mens en Aarde – in 2015.
Paul de Blot writes: “Care can be viewed to be the primary focus of Life with money as a means of exchange to optimize caring. Louis Bohtlingk expresses this clearly in his title: Care First. Money is not more than a tool to serve our evolutionary proces. Let’s base our choices for the future on Care First”

The Care First Innovation Network

In 2013 we started the Care First Innovation Network, an international, diverse and all generational network of people sharing the intention of creating a Care First World. Everyone relates to Care First in their own unique manner. You can hear different friends share their take on the subject.
I always felt that de deepest wish of most people in our networks is that decisions made by governents, companies and all individuals worldwide are guided by Care First. 

25 Years of Care First

Komal Mittal, a mentor of the POP family, organised a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Care First.
The POP and Care First family met for the first time. Listen to our sharing from the heart.
We also celebrate our partnership, which we are started Sept 2021.
Louis and Sandra Bohtlngk, founders of Care First share their story. Then we all interact and build.