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Character Dolls

Bringing something of your heart’s unique character
and spirit into a doll.

by Sandra Bohtlingk

The Character Doll is created to enable us to identify something of our own inner nature. It is designed to give an insight to who we are in our own unique self, our heart, our soul, our spirit nature.
Sometimes it is hard to identify with ourselves, in a deeper truth, when we are busy with daily life and work. Sometimes that side of us feels lost to an unknown time and space.

I work from a deep intuitive level that enables me to feel and sense, colour, style, period, and talent, that hopefully will help you to get a stronger connection to your spirit nature. Each character is created especially for you. 

The Spirit Doll helps us recognise ourselves in our inner beauty, our strength, and even our purpose in life. Often people already know different levels of themselves consciously but have lost confidence in it through certain insecurities, or a lifestyle that hinders relaxation and inner peace.
So, to have a spirit doll in your own home to help you feel, or remember your deeper qualities, can help a great deal. We all need those special moments when we feel the need to reach inwardly to something that speaks to us of our own sacred self.
Kathy p

>  A custom made doll for yourself or for someone else. 
>  A reading connected to a custom made doll.
>  Birthday or wedding gifts
>  For the home: a friendly fairy, gnome, pixie.
>  Workshops where you create your own character
using your intuitive guidance for purpose and well-being.


Here we have the Jester, who reminds his owner of new
beginnings. (Holland)

5 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTOGO 1 new - Copy

Meet Togo the shoe specialist. His mission is to comfort
your sole….and …your soul. (USA)


Sandra Bohtlingk

Sandra Bohtlingk

    Sewing has been my delight. Since I was quite young I learnt to embroider. Using the finest needle with the sharpest point I wove coloured threads into tiny flowers and leaves on tablecloths etc.
    It was not only a delight but a therapy also. It seemed to bring me home to myself. A quiet relaxing space where attention to detail mattered and where it also taught me precision and beauty.

   Little did I know way back then how this craft could turn into therapeutic relief for other also. To be able to pull together colour and shape, with cloth, wool and rags in such a way as to help portray the hearts of others is an honour indeed.
   Hopefully I may long continue to help reflect aspects of people’s hearts in this creative manner.

   In my teen years I was introduced to the practice of sensitive perception. This was my key. It is how I developed my inner senses and learned the art of reading people in their inner beauty and strengths.

   It was much later that I became aware that sewing and reading  could be combined.

If you are interested in my work.

You can contact me via the form below, also if you just have questions about it.

I work with a love-based contribution according to your appreciation and budget and will discuss this with you.