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World Finance Initiative

World Finance Initiative is a Scottish Charity who focuses on our money, survival and work issues, on what money is and how it works in our present world.

Meeting the Mystery of Money workshop 

We hear people’s experiences in relation to this in our workshop Meeting the Mystery of Money, which we started in 2004 off line and are facilitating online since Covid 19 began.
The online workshop became so successful, that we started training teams to facilitate the workshop both in English and Dutch. Below you can read more what the workshop entails. If you are interested in participating you can contact us in English and Dutch.

Personal Key sessions

We started doing personal key sessions with each other and they were so helpful, that we began to train others to facilitate them in English and Dutch. To meet our facilitators and request a personal key session go to our WeWorldwide website. Read more about the Personal Key session below. 

WeWorldwide – a home for heart intelligence –

In 2017 we started a new initiative called WeWorldwide – a home for heart intelligence – with the focus to explore the unique workings of our individual and collective heart intelligence and activate heart intelligent collaboration.
It is connected to a membership based online platform where we facilitate  collaboration towards building a Care First World together.

Care First Councils

In 2020 we started coming together in different Care First Councils to explore the most effective and impactful manner of sharing the message of Care First worldwide and how to build a Care First World together.

Care First Panels at events

We participate with Care First panels at events to introduce the vision and power of Care First and its application. Watch video’s and read reports about this on  (scroll down to Care First Events).

Books, articles, video and radio interviews 

Go to 
You can read What Others Say about Care First. 
For more video’s visit our You Tube channel.

Friends, colleagues and their initiatives

We have been collaborating with others from the very beginning. Read and hear about it in our history: how it all started and the developments since.

We started a Care First Innovation Network (inspired by the KINS method of Susan Davis Moora)) in 2013 as an international, diverse and all generational  network (12-75) representing many sectors with a shared intention to create a Care First World.
Over the years we have been connecting and collaborating with many more new friends and their work. 

We list our friends, colleagues and their beautiful work at the bottom of this page, also showing  sectors they operate in.


Meeting the Mystery of Money

Participants are exploring their relationship with money on a deep cellular level. It starts with exploring our deepest fears, our desperation, anger and pain in our lives with money. Then we explore our conditioning through our growing up years, slowly empowering ourselves to be with it from our inner strength, light and beauty. Shifting from feeling victimised by the world of money to feeling more empowered.

We then absorb a vision “The Garden, a love based economy and a Care First World”, where everything that is related to money, survival and work is being connected to love. This begins to open up a new road of exploring the possibility of using money in a different way: letting its use be guided by love and care, versus fear and greed. The participants are assisted with shifting from a Money First to a Care First attitude and how to apply this in their personal lives, immediate environment and greater world.

More detailed info and testimonials



Personal Key

A personal key is how our essence expresses itself. The activity of our heart by which we intelligently respond to our environment and fulfill our life purpose. Something that is very natural to us. It speaks of our true self in a very clear manner. Our personal and group keys describe the unique way by which we contribute to our world community.

It becomes really interesting when keys begin to consciously collaborate, interact and complement one another.

Finding the Personal Key

We have developed a process to help people find their personal key. It has been fascinating to see people give words to this part of themselves that has always been there, but not always known. Many have been deeply touched by it. From the start we have been focussed on exploring and sharing our essence. The personal key describes the dynamics of that essential Self, which we also experience as the unique activity of our heart’s intelligence.

On WeWorldwide you can see examples of people’s personal keys .

Collaborating with others

Friends, colleagues and their initiatives, whom we collaborate with and support.
When you want to  connect, explore collaboration, feel free to contact us.
To view their beautiful work, click on their Logo.