“Simplicity” by Sandra Bohtlingk

May 20, 2012 in Care First News by Louis Bohtlingk

My experience with money has been an interesting one.

Born just after the war I grew up in tight circumstances. We were never hungry or without clothing but food was on ration and clothes were often second hand.

My first recollection of pocket money was 6d per week. I learnt how to spend 2d on sweets, 2d on a magazine and save 2d to build up for something special.

In my working years I fell into a similar experience. I took an apprenticeship in window display in a fashion shop. I received £2.10shillings (£2.50) per week whilst my friends earned £10 per week in a factory. My £2.10s had to go a long way if I was not to miss out on buying a new record, paying bus fares to work, something for my board and keep and any visits to the cinema plus a new sweater now and then.

Throughout the years I find myself engaged in activities that never bring me huge monies but a great deal of satisfaction in my realisation of self. I feel very lucky in how life has dealt me opportunities and with those which I have accepted as my growing challenges.

My 6 old pence, spend and save time, has made me careful with all income. I can let go and spend well when the need arises but I feel money needs to be guided and treated with respect. If I respect it, it will respect me.

I try to really be present when receiving a wage for cleaning someone’s home or for a special doll I have hand crafted. In that present space I look the people in the eye and thank them for their contribution to my day. Thank them for sharing what they have with me.

When I spend out on food I love a treat but I can see so well how easy it is to just buy. When I regulate things down to true needs only I am grateful for all the items I take home. Nothing gets wasted and all things are artistically part of my living alchemy. It suits me and it works.

The more I weave my day in generous proportion the more the universe seems to want to give me things. Jobs seem to walk towards me when I am not aware I need one. People come from nowhere and give me the tools I need to do my work. Someone recently offered me some sewing work. I love sewing so I accepted. Next I telephoned to a local shop to see if they had a sewing machine for sale. The assistant told me, “No, there is nothing for sale here. But I have a machine at home you can have with pleasure.  I never use it so I am happy to give it to you”.
Magic is all around me. So what can I possibly lack?

If I can feel this wonderful abundant way of life surely everyone should also have such comfort.