The Release of Dare To Care

November 26, 2011 in Care First News by Louis Bohtlingk

I have written Dare to Care (see Press Release) with the aim to empower us to work together and see how we can resolve our global financial and economic crisis and the issues at hand. My approach is long term, aiming to create a truly sustainable foundation for generations to come.
I wrote it as a resource manual for action, showing the principles underlying that new foundation and many examples of the application of love and care in business and finance and its positive results.
              The essential statement is that with the power of our hearts and its intelligence we can resolve the situation, when we work together and give everyone the space to make their contribution to the process.
Let everyone come forward. Let us hear your thoughts, feelings and insights, focussing on four area’s I address in Dare to Care:

1) To work towards creating a world where we all can express ourselves in the  vocations we love: all of us making a real contribution and be supported to do so.
2) To put provisions in place for everyone  towards the fulfilment of  four basic human rights: the entitlement to a home, food, education and health- care. We can even begin to consider seeing money itself as a human right.
3) To embrace the concept of a global financial commons as a place where we  establish a  conscience about the effect of financial transactions on the well being of people, our communities and  beautiful Earth and are held accountable for those actions (even through regulation).
Is money being used in service of the wellbeing of people and the Earth and our values  (Care First) or at their expense (Money First)?
4) To establish the right set up of our monetary system, whether we decide to use the currencies we have or create new ones (complementary systems). Here we look at the debt-based system we have with its compound interest and its (dis)functionality. What kind of  system do we need that stabalizes  our world, makes it work and creates  a healthy financial world?

I deeply address all this in Dare to Care and more. When you feel called to read the Book go to How to Order page on the Platform. It is available world wide online in Paperback. E-book and PDF format. You will be able to print it off yourself on the Expresso Book Machine in cities all around the world (see map).
The book comes with the invitation for us all to participate in making the transition, being aware of so many others who are also  taking this initiative too. See our list of Great Initiatives in our Side Bar.
I look forward to hearing your response. I also happy to meet off line, communicate by phone or Skype. Let’s mobilse ourselves to make the difference!!!!!!