Praise for Dare To Care

“In my 25 years as an entrepreneur, there has been a rule to keep one’s heart out of business decisions. Dare to Care
boldly disrupts this rule with a vision of finance and economics that integrates heart and mind, left and right brain,
and weaves hard economic facts with lyrical poetry. It highlights thriving businesses, banks, and non-profits which
employ Care-First vs. Money-First as a long overdue pathway to true sustainability for all people of the world.”
Leslie Danziger, Co-founder and former Chairman of Solaria Corporation, USA

“If you Dare to Care, then Louis Böhtlingk’s transformative book will open your mind. Money is no longer the free-market
evil. It is now a force for good and the foundationof a practical solution which transcends capitalism and enables society to realize its highest purpose—a loving and co-operative harmony. Read this book and find thepathway we all seek through
thinking differently about only one thing—money.”—Pippa Bartolotti, Founder of COEXIST, United Kingdom

“Louis Böhtlingk has given us a clear way to create a renewed sense of how to assess the tools we have and our needs.
The poetry of Dare to Care is a personal policy that should become the basis of a newly defined economic policy for all.
How do we turn it into a new course book for candidates seeking Economic PhD degrees?”—Michaela Walsh, President/Founder of Women’s World Banking, USA

“In his well-thought and heart-centered book, Dare to Care, Louis Böhtlingk defines the Garden state on Earth,
as a ‘place of happiness and joy, togetherness and peace, where all are well, fed, housed, educated and healthy
and Nature has been brought back to its natural abundance with its eco-systems restored.’ I could not agree more.
If all of today’s children and their families were educated and empowered within a ‘Care-First’ paradigm, lovingly
integrated into Forest Garden Community School programs all over the world, many of the unsustainable behaviors
associated with today’s global crisis would be eliminated in a generation.”—Donna L. Goodman, Founder/Director,
Earth Child Institute, USA

“A profound reminder that once money is used for loving care of the planet and its people, its transformative power
creates limitless possibilities for peace, abundance, joy, and freedom for all. Deep transformative change of
our financial system is long overdue. Now is the time to energize our money flows with the gift of loving care
as our new currency of exchange. From now onwards, let us Dare to Care and resolve to co-create a whole new way
of life by 2025.”—Steven Lovink, Founder of Power of One and Planet2025 Network, USA

“We need to stop being scared of ideas developed earlier than last year! Let’s admit that the dilemmas faced today
were apparent decades ago and that brilliant minds saw the challenges, predicted the wrong turns and offered solutions.
That we globally faltered, were blind to what our visionaries saw, declined to learn from them, is a failure we must accept
and learn from. Dare to Care is so well researched and brilliantly hopeful that it bridges the decades and insists we learn
from our hearts and move forward, knowing giants have lead the way. We need not falter again.”—Rosalinda Sanquiche, Executive Director of Ethical Markets Media, USA

“Like Daedalus, we appear to be trapped in a financial labyrinth of our own making. Having been out of step with orthodoxy
all my life, often not understanding why, my heart gladdens in finding a fellow dance partner who can show me new steps.
Spirit and heart, so long absent in our financial dealings with each other, are finally here at the leading edge of business thinking. We have not a moment to lose.”—Quentin Cowen, profession chef, United Kingdom

“Dare to Care contains the seed thoughts for our time. By sharing our abundance, we multiply, create and move forward. This book inspires a deep transformation of the human race: from control to sharing, from possessing things to using them, from having to being . . . Dare to Care unites all cultures in one language. Becoming one world where we share our resources and reunite our cultures will naturally transform the old structures and rationale. Thank you, dear author, for bringing the news at the right moment.”—Nik Laansma, author and coach, the Netherlands

“If you have perhaps known for a long time that the global financial systems that rule our world are deeply flawed, but have
not quite articulated in your own mind exactly what is wrong with them, let alone what can you do in your own life to put
them right, then this book is for you. Louis Bohtlingk develops these concepts further, seeking ‘the Essence of the
Essence’: Love replacing Fear as the fundamental driver behind the way we think about, use, spend, save, invest, hoard,
and waste money. Louis shows through countless examples how this has the capacity to maximize the common good
and, in so doing, turn the entire global economic system on its head and give us a world of abundance and contentment,
now and for generations to come.”—Rosalinda Copisarow, Managing Director of Oikocredit, the Netherlands

“In the 20th century, many change agents were engaged in perhaps fruitless debates about whether change was personal or social, i.e whether it had to target the self or social structures first. ‘Change yourself and society will change’ vs.
‘change society, and people will change.’ Fortunately today, more and more integral change approaches are emerging
where those efforts are combined. In this book, this effort is applied to our economic and financial system, and to the role of money in particular. While it analyzes what’s wrong structurally, Louis Bohtlingk does not hesitate to tackle the
psychological and spiritual attitudes that stand in the way of a true social and monetary transformation. The message
needs to be heard; change yourself and change society, simultaneously.”—Michael Bauwens, Founder of the P2P Foundation, Thailand

“Dare to Care is truly a new paradigm book, accurately defining an urgently necessary yet supremely appealing new way of
being in relationship with money for this new millennium. It is an essential guide for the integration of the spiritual and
material within us toward our ultimate evolution in these tumultuous and transformative times. Louis Bohtlingk has written
an important book that dares and profoundly inspires us to consistently care from a place of universal and unconditional love.”—Candice Powers, M.A., numerologist/universalist, neurofeedback therapist, USA

“Dare to Care challenges us to re-evaluate our basic relationship with money and our current economic system. A “Care First World” is one where money serves the well being of people and the Earth, with an economic system based on love, caring, and sharing. Dare to Care sets out a stimulating challenge for all of us to look at our personal and organizational economic values. Well done!”—John Zwerver, President of Global Family,USA

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