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Cosimo’s Book of the Month Offers a New Financial Outlook in this Economic Crisis

posted by Kristen on 07 Nov 2011 at 01:14 pm | category: From the Editors, Cosimo News, New Releases, Book of the Month

Dare to Care
Business has always been about listening to your head, taking risks, and being ruthless. We’ve all heard the phrase: “It’s not personal; it’s business”, but now it’s being challenged by Louis Bohtlingk’s new book Dare to Care: A Love-Based Foundation for Money and Finance. Mindful of the current economic climate, Cosimo has chosen Dare to Care as its November Book of the Month.

In this book, Bohtlingk has developed a collection of ideas and initiatives to change business. According to Bohtlingk, changing from a money-first to a care-first attitude, as the book suggests, will stimulate thoughts about our current monetary system and economy making them more functional overall. By offering a different way to run businesses and the financial world with his book Dare to Care: A Love-Based Foundation for Money and Finance, Bohtlingk hopes to change the world of finance as we know it.

The book promotes a vision for a love-based economy and a care-first world. With examples of businesses who work with models similar to his own, Bohtlingk proves how and why this vision could become a reality. His workable method has been developed to help corporations and companies change from their current financial plans, which, for many focus purely on profit, to a new economic outlook that focuses more on supporting each other. Dare to Care encourages readers to approach finance and economics from a new perspective, one which urges them to reorganize their own attitude towards money and empowers them to act and achieve a care-first worldview.

Louis Bohtlingk is a visionary who has worked as a counselor for more than 30 years. With his wife Sandra, he has created multiple platforms with which to address the money issues that individuals and companies experience. Louis is also the creator of the “Meeting the Mystery of Money” workshop, which has been held throughout the U.S., the U.K., and the Netherlands and helps individuals to reorganize their finances and lives with a care-first approach. You can learn more about the work Louis and Sandra do on their website,

Louis Bohtlingk, author of Cosimo’s new book Dare to Care: A Love-Based Foundation for Money and Finance, is holding a book signing at the Java Dragon Coffee House in Charlottesville, Virginia from 5:00pm – 7:30pm on Friday November 11, 2011.

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