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We are dreaming of all of us, as one human family, taking care of our Earth, each other and ourselves.
We are dreaming a Care First World.
We are an international, all generational Care First Innovation Network developing the principles of Care First in action.


Care First in action involves:

1) Care for the basic needs of home, food, water and healthcare for every human being and for our development and education.
2) Care for our beautiful Earth, its natural resources and eco-systems
3) Care for our money/exchange systems

We are a very diverse group representing many sectors of our culture: life-coaches, financial planners, artists, healers, social architects, visionaries, politicians, managers, accountants, founding members of land based communities, complementary currency specialists, students, mothers and many more. The youngest is 14, the oldest is 76. We started April 2013. At present we have 92 members from 10 countries and  beautiful inter-generational collaborations. You can view the work of many members on the “What We Do” page of our other website: www.daretocare.ning.com

The application of Care First has a profound effect on all aspects of our culture. Care First came to us in 1997 as an inspiration towards how we can resolve our money issues on any level of our culture and experience. This is to see money and care always together. Then to ask ourselves whether money leads the way at the expense of care or whether it is used in service of care, with care leading the way.”

We are developing tools to assist everyone with the application of Care First in all practical situations and new economic models to create a care-based foundation for our future!!!!

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